The Bible said Adam and Eve, not Ted and Robin.

"You know how sometimes it's as if you just have to be yourself or you'll just burst?"
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"It doesn’t matter.  I don’t care if we’re a ten or a two."


The Big Bang Theory

S08E03 - The First Pitch Insufficiency

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Mac/Harm Meme: Favorite Scene {2/10} ✈ Fair Winds And Following Seas, Season 10.

"What are you proposing? And that’s not a Freudian slip." "I’m proposing.  Let’s get married."

Unlike her brother, this baby’s eyes were wide, and she stared in Padme’s direction as if she wanted to see and memorize her face.

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I’m dealing with a situation and it’s kind of about my love life, so I know that might be weird for us to talk about, but in this area, as you know, all my other friends are just so stupid.

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Having a soulmate is not always about love. You can find your soulmate in a friendship too.
I’m afraid I’ll never finish college. I’m afraid I’ll finish college with student loans I can never pay back. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree and won’t be able to find a job in that field. I’m afraid I’ll get a degree, get the job I dreamed of, and hate it.
A Mental Illness Happy Hour listener whose list of fears matches mine four for four. Glad I’m not the only one.
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Serenity: Leaves On The Wind #6

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A to Z premieres this Thursday at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

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Harm and Mac - Season 7

"Because i’m in love with him." 

Season 8, Episode 3: The First Pitch Insufficiency.

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“You all got on this boat for different reasons, but you all come to the same place.”

Serenity premiered in theaters September 30, 2005, nine years ago today.

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Today I heard this kid on the phone say “I need a chicken sandwich and I’m running late so I’m going to need it ASPCA.”