"It figures a guy like him would be with a girl like you."

I'm Nicole. I'm twenty one. I will mainly blog about THE BIG BANG THEORY, THE MENTALIST, THE LION KING, HORSE RACING, and FIREFLY.

I love The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, 2 Broke Girls, Warehouse 13, Friends, JAG, Star Wars, Fringe, and Firefly. I am not a spoiler free blog when it comes to something that has aired. I live in Eastern Time. If I've seen it, I'm going to post about it.

I co-host a The Big Bang Theory podcast with my friend Roxanne. LIsten to The Big Bang Buzzcast on iTunes or at http://www.thebigbangbuzz.com/

My forever OTP is Mac and Harm from JAG. My other top ships are Leonard and Penny (The Big Bang Theory), Mal and Inara (Firefly) and Ted and Tracy (How I Met Your Mother).

I'm also obsessed with horse racing, and have been following it since 2003. My favorite race horses are Afleet Alex, I'll Have Another, Da Hoss, Ruffian, and Citation. Also Seattle Slew, since he's partially responsible for my existence. I dream of seeing a Triple Crown winner. The last one was fifteen years before I was born.

DISCLAIMER: No pictures or gifs are mine unless I say so.


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